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My group operated as a small distinct entity inside of a large national investment firm. We did not have the time, knowledge or resources to complete our branding, Web site, or other deliverable materials, and using the ones issued at the national level was also not acceptable.

We needed to blend with the national firm materials in look and feel, while setting a distinct tone that we were unique and more exclusive. After two meetings and a few short phone discussions, Cinda returned with almost exactly what we were attempting to do — but so much better. The final product was only slightly tweaked from the original presentation.

The entire process was extremely easy for us — exactly how it needs to be when your business is not branding, marketing and design. Cinda was an invaluable member of our team, and working with her on our project was exactly what we had wanted — only better. 

Andrew W. Erisman, CIMA
Wealth Management industry

An absolute pleasure to work with, Cinda not only comes up with design and copy that exceed expectations, but she also delivers ahead of schedule and within budget.

I would highly recommend
her to anyone looking for
great design work.

Gerrit Boyle
Executive VP
Alaska Structures, Inc.
(Blu-Med, Kaireon)